KURZWEIL PC2/PC2X DOWNLOADS                                                                                               posted 26 May 2013

The "PC2 Manager" is a nice little free program that uses a computer to add/manage/edit sounds for your Kurzweil PC2/2x. It includes some free sounds as well. It was available until some weeks ago on the Sonikmatter website, but now Sonikmatter has shut down for good -- no matter, click on the link below to download it (you may have to right-click on it and choose "save as").
I recently used PC2 Manager on our PC2 at church.  As I recall, a USB MIDI cable will NOT work to communicate with the synth -- you need the old 15-pin port style MIDI connector.  I had to drag my daughter's old Windows ME desktop out of retirement to do the job!  I believe it's not the operating system that matters but that port connector.  If you have a USB MIDI cable  and it works for you, great -- let me know!!  But if not, you probably need to get the old-style connector from e-bay and get a card or borrow an old computer.  There should be plenty around!  It's a free download so it can't hurt to try.  There's a great synthesis program on it. 

Don't forget to upgrade your PC2 to the latest operating system.  We had version 1.x and it only had sounds in Bank 1, plus the K3B soundbank.  Flashing the operating system gave us a ton more sounds in Bank 6 and more K3B sounds for free, not quite doubling the number of sounds, plus fixing the annoying "Low Battery" message glitch in OS 1.x.  It's not hard to do -- but if Bank 6 has sounds in it already on your unit, you're probably OK as is.

Kurzweil has a great download page for the PC2/PC2X with manuals, the updates, and even a download of vintage pianos (the "Kurzdaddy" set at the bottom)!

DLN Sound also sells a download of sounds for the "user" bank for about $25.  It's called "KFM" because it uses FM synthesis.  You can find out more here

I actually got the DLN sounds, plus the sounds that come bundled with the PC Manager, plus the Kurzdaddy vintage sounds to all fit in our PC2 User Bank.  Also, PC Manager allowed me to put them in a logical order, so I was able to move the sounds around so they work with the corresponding presets on the keyboard.  In other words, I moved most of the electric piano sounds to slots #17-32 so when the player presses E.Piano 1 or E. Piano 2, he gets the electric piano sounds, the same for the "Pads," "Bass," "Strings," and other buttons.  It isn't perfect, but it's pretty good and makes it easier for the player.  It took a little figuring out how to move sounds around with the program but they all fit in the user bank.  Some of the free sounds didn't work for me for some reason (e.g., the Mellotron flutes 
), but most did, so I'm happy.  All this to say -- you CAN do it.

Finally -- if you have more links, downloads, or tips to share, let me know so I can post them here to share with everyone.  Thanks!


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P.S. -- Here's an addtionl link on Creating PC2 Manager files for Orchestral & VintageKeys ROMs